In Loving Memory of Bessy & Junior

My Boy Junior, aka Jun A Purr      

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and my daughter and I were out shopping and we just happened to be passing by the Humane Society. "Oh," she said, "Let's stop and look at the cats." Of course I said yes. After all, I am a cat person.  I was already the proud owner of two cats . I didn't know that there was a stray cat in my basement tending to 5 baby kittens. Little did I know then that  one of those kittens would become my Bessy.

As I was looking at the kitties, I was slowly approaching the last cage. "Oh my God!" I cried, to my daughter, "Look at this cat, he looks just like my Tiffy." Tiffy is a black and white cat; the only difference was that Tiffy was short-haired and the kitty in the cage was long-haired. He walked right up to the front of the cage talking up a storm. "Ma at at, Ma at at," he said. It was as though he was trying to talk and tell me all about what was going on with him. He was putting on the charm big time and I was falling for it.

The cat in the cage was called Minnie and he was just left at the Humane Society the day before. Of course, you may have guessed why. The owners were moving and could not take Minnie with them.

It was all I could do to pull myself away from the cage. Once outside the Humane Society, I sat on the steps giving myself 100 reasons why I should not get this cat. For the rest of the day all I could think about was the cat in the cage and a 100 reasons why I should not get him.

Now it was Sunday and  I was again giving myself 100 reasons why I should not get this cat.  I just couldn't get him out of my mind. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. There was a very stong connection between the two of us, one that I had never felt before.  And deep down in my heart I knew he had to be mine even though I was still giving myself 100 reasons why I should not get this cat.

On Monday, I went to work as usual and guess what? That's right, I was still thinking about the cat in the cage. I already had two cats and to take on another would be an even bigger responsibility.  I decided to call my vet and get his opinion on this matter.  I was now looking for some reassurance that I was doing the right thing by not getting another cat.  The vet said exactly what I thought he would say, "Why get another cat when you already have two?"  So, it was settled, I would not be getting the cat. Who was I fooling, me or the vet?

That decision lasted about 5 seconds as I was already on the phone with the Humane Society asking them if they still had that black and white cat. As I held on while the girl was checking, my heart started to race. What if he was gone? Oh no, deep down in my heart I knew he had to be mine.  It seemed like I was holding on for hours when the girl finally came back and said , "Yes, he's here. We have a visiting room where you can come and we will bring the cat to you and you can get to visit with him and decide if you want him or not."

That's all I had to hear. By now it was lunch time and I was off to the Humane Society . As I sat in the visiting room I was still giving myself 100 reasons why I should not get this cat.  They brought Minnie (now Junior) into the room and sat him down next to me. He got down and started walking all over the place doing his "Ma at at" routine. I was now totally hooked and I knew there was no way I was leaving the Humane Society without him.   

From that day on and for the next 14 years, it was me and My Boy Junior  until that dreaded day came when I had to say good-bye to him on January 7, 2007. I know in my heart that Junior knew that I was doing everything I could for him. He always allowed me to take care of his tumor and never once fought me on it. There was something very human about Junior.  He would look at me with such love in his eyes and I know he was saying "I love you" over and over and over again.

Junior will always live on in my heart until the day I die when once again I will be with " My Boy Junior."