In Loving Memory of Bessy & Junior

Hi Cat Folks:

My name is Bessy and you're probably wondering how I could write this when I died on July 5, 2003 of Vaccine- Related Sarcoma. Well, it's pretty simple. My body may be gone but I still and always will live in the heart of my Mom. My spirit stays close by as she and many others need me to help them win the war against VAS. No other kitty should have to deal with this most aggressive monster of a tumor. I want VAS to be eradicated for good.

The vet never warned my Mom about the risks of vaccines. She thought, as many others did, that she was doing the right thing. One day Mom was surfing the net (as she always did) looking for kitty cat articles. But what she found was an article all about VAS. Oh, she sure was upset. Mom printed out all the information and took it to the vet. I can still remember the look on his face when she flashed the VAS articles in his face. I thought his mouth was going to drop to the floor.  Mom told the vet, " No more vaccines for Bessy and her sisters and brother at home."

Mom thought I was safe from this monster tumor. But 3 1/2 years later she noticed a big lump on my leg. She rushed me to the vet.  She never thought in a million years it could be VAS. After all, she stopped those shots.

The biopsy report came back and it was confirmed. I had the monster tumor VAS. Mom could have had my leg amputated but she didn't. I just had too many other medical problems going on. Maybe you have noticed that I only have one eye! That's because when I was 4 years old I lost one eye to secondary glaucoma. Mom had the doctor give me a false eye. How I loved that eye! It was just like my own eye. I just couldn't see out of it.  I had an ultrasound and it revealed that I only had one kidney.  My female organs never fully developed. I guess that's because I was born a stray and my cat Mom didn't give me the proper nourishment. My biopsy report was not favorable either and Mom knew that if she amputated my leg it was common for the tumor to come back at the site of the surgical incision.  There were no guarantees that the monster tumor would be gone for good, no matter what choice of treatment she decided on.

Mom decided on radiation treatments for me. Mom took me every week to the AMC in NYC. I had 19 treatments. Mom was always crying, except for when she came to pick me up and take me home for the weekends.  Mom needed to have surgery herself but she wouldn't do it until I was all done with my treatments and was safely home again.

I was so happy when I finished my treatments and was back home again with Mom, my sisters and brother. I didn't have to go to the oncologist for 3 months.  I dreaded being put in the cat carrier. I used to hide when I saw Mom's friend pull in the driveway because I knew they would be taking me back to the AMC in NYC. But WOW, 3 months and I am still home.

My 3-month check-up was great. No tumor!  But that would not last much longer. By Christmas there was a smal lump growing again. The oncologist said there was nothing more to be done for me except to try an experimental drug called Gleevec. 

After Mom was done researching the drug and felt it was safe to use on me, we started the treatment.  For the first 3 months the Gleevec worked. My tumor shrunk to more than half its size. The best part was that I had no side effects from the drug and all my blood work was normal.

By March of 2003, I had built up a resistance to the Gleevec and the tumor began to grow again. There was nothing more that could be done for me. The tumor had invaded my lymph nodes. It was just a matter of time before I would have to say goodbye to Mom.

By June 2003, I was going downhill fast. My tumor had opened up and was growing like a weed. Mom cleaned the tumor three times a day. I knew my time was getting close so I started hanging out in the closet. I just didn't feel up to playing with my sisters and brother.  I can still feel Mom's arms around me and see the tears running down her face. I listened as she told me how very much she loved me and how very sorry she was.  Oh, how I wanted to tell her that it was not her fault. She was only doing what she had been told was good for me by the vets. 

Mom did everything she could to help me. I was miserable and Mom knew it. I would never get better. Mom had to do the one thing she most dreaded . So, on July 5, 2003 with tears pouring down her face, she called the vet to come to the house so that I could take my final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Oh, how my heart ached for her. I wanted to tell her I would be okay. I will never be far from you Mom.  I will always be in your heart and there to guide you through all the days of your life. Mom, let every beat of your heart  find its way into my spirit. I love you Mom.

Please, help Mom by stopping these unnecessary vaccinations. Let your pets stay home with their families where they can be whole and live without having this VAS monster to take them away from you.  I will always be there in spirit to help my Mom as she reaches out to warn you of the risks of over-vaccinations.  Won't you please do the same ?